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Rating Categories

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About Us

Naijarates.com is an independent survey site dedicated to Nigerians. This website enables Nigerian users to rate TOP Nigerian Brands, TOP Nigerian Products and TOP Nigerian People.

The categories under Brands Include

  • TOP Banks in Nigeria
  • TOP Telecommunication Companies in Nigerian
  • TOP Airline and Road transport Operators in Nigeria
  • TOP Parcel and Delivery Service Providers in Nigeria
  • TOP Television and Radio stations in Nigeria
  • TOP Websites in Nigeria
  • TOP Manufactures in Nigeria
  • TOP Service Providers in Nigeria
  • TOP News Papers,Magazines and Publishing Media in Nigeria

The categories under Products Include

  • TOP Food and Beverages in Nigeria
  • TOP Laundry and Household items in Nigeria
  • TOP Beauty and Cosmetic Products in Nigeria
  • etc

The categories under People Include

  • TOP Movie Stars in Nigeria
  • TOP Political Office Holders in Nigeria
  • TOP Musicians in Nigeria
  • etc

The user provides a reason for the score given to the Brand, Product or Person, and suggestion on how the product or service can be improved.

The Brands, Product manufacturers and People who subscribe to naijarates.com, will have access to the reasons and suggestions of the raters. This will enable them improve on their products and services.

A lot of firms spend Millions on advertising which brings the customers, but good customer service retains the customers. This website serves as a channel for various Brands, Product manufacturers and people to gather feedback from users Online.